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With the amount of images consumed by the average person per day, it's now more critical than ever to invest in showstopping imagery.  Reach out and let's chat about how to make your brands visuals come to life!


My visual style starts with lighting. I often shoot with a setup that throws both soft and hard light at a subject to reveal texture but with the softness of window light. I use a variety of techniques but I feel at home with light originating from the left combined with an edge light behind the subject from the right to add liveliness. Combining these techniques with a bold color palette and placing subject matter in a way that makes the visual as three dimensional as possible, achieves a wondrous response from the viewer.


Our studio works with a variety of clients but our focus is packaging imagery and liquids, subject matter that offers nowhere to hide and requires the utmost attention to detail. We can work from an existing creative brief or be as involved as needed in the development of the creative concept. 


Our photo studio located near the airport is 1600 square feet and features a full kitchen, WIFI, a client area, and plenty of parking. 


We have a large selection of props and realistic resin models to ensure nothing is ever out of season. We also have a server with thousands of photo-scanned 3d assets which can be lit to match a photo environment when needed. These models often look more realistic than models and the 3d assets can be warped, recolored, and retextured to match exactly what is needed. 


Steve is a trained food stylist and handles a majority of on-set touch-ups and a majority of the styling for packaging projects. For more complex items such as pizza, ice cream, etc, we have an amazing roster of local food stylists in Seattle, and in various cities when shooting on location. 


From packaging to complex conceptual splash photography, we have you covered. A photo shoot typically begins with a discussion of what is needed and how I would meet the challenges posed by the creative brief.  I work in studio and on location with a large network of experienced stylists and assistants. 


Steve uses a 100 mp medium format camera and Broncolor strobes for extremely high resolution images captured in the best light available. 

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